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A Dominant Woman Canes Her Husband (in front of her friends)

A Dominant Woman cover artworkThis highly erotic story is the final and most exciting part of the Fem-Dom Series which details the disciplined relationship between Dave and his beautiful, dominant young partner Maria.

When Dave drops some expensive china, Maria decides to give him his most thorough punishment so far. To drive the lesson home, she spanks and canes his bare bottom in front of several of her friends at a specially-held dinner party.

Additional and more imaginative humiliations in front of the enthusiastic spectators make sure Dave will be well-behaved from now on. How Maria’s cane hurts as she applies it HARD again and again to Dave’s soft, exposed cheeks.

N.B. Mistress Jade’s and Mark Maguire’s writing features strong, graphic adult sexual themes and is intended for adults only (over 18s).

Part One “The Vicious Sting of Supple Rattan” and Part Two “The Swish, the Crack and the Burning Pain” are both available right now.

(A man-to-man version of this stimulating story is available as “Torment of Caning”, also by Mark Maguire.)

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