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A Good Caning Takes Some Beating

A Good Caning Takes Some Beating cover artwork

Based on Mark Maguire’s original best seller “The Art of Caning” (still available), this expanded, revised and updated edition features THREE horny and very explicit interviews with a Disciplinarian, an adult “pupil”, and a guy who takes canings for pleasure (and pain!) Six of the best, twelve or even eighteen strokes. A caning is always seen as the ultimate deterrent for a misbehaving adult. Searing, scorching stripes that will simply take your breath away.   Read about the best caning techniques, the most humiliating positions, and the extra embarrassments that  increase the effectiveness of this most feared implement of punishment. “Drop your pants and stick your arse UP! If you flinch or move, you’ll get six extra strokes – and they’ll be hard ones.”

These detailed descriptions of adult corporal punishments are a wonderful introduction to Mark Maguire's erotic discipline fiction at a bargain price.

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