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A Painful Fem-Dom Instrument of Correction

A Painful FEM-DOM Instrument cover artwork

This highly erotic adult Fem-Dom discipline story involves corporal punishment, painful caning, spanking and humiliation.

When Dave, 53, goes to work for Maria, a stunning, gorgeous new young boss, he discovers what it's like to submit to a dominant younger woman. Maria, at just 23, soon shows Dave who's in charge as she applies her own kind of discipline to Dave's bare bottom. So begins a horny relationship based on discipline.

Dave moves in with Maria, who administers painful punishments whenever Dave steps out of line, both at home and at work. She even sends Dave for additional "treatments" from a real retired headmistress who certainly knows how to make a caning sting like hell.

Finally, Dave has to submit to a series of even more humiliating punishments carried out in front of several of his young wife's friends at a very horny dinner party.

This is a combined, expanded, bargain edition of "The Vicious Sting of Supple Rattan", "The Swish, The Crack and the Burning Pain" and "A Dominant Woman Canes Her Husband (in front of her enthusiastic friends)", all by Mistress Jade (with Mark Maguire), and all available separately.

NB. Mistress Jade and Mark Maguire's stories feature strong graphic descriptions of adult sexual themes and are intended for adults only. (Over 18s).

Available in eBook and Paperback formats.
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