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An Introduction to Adult Corporal Punishment

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Take a long look at the guy on the cover photo and note how meekly and obediently he’s bent over to receive his painful punishment. He dropped his trousers and then presented his bottom correctly to be spanked, paddled, tawsed or caned. Or maybe all of those! He doesn’t know yet what’s coming, but he knows he’ll soon have to strip down those underpants to expose his bare buttocks for some even more painful and humiliating torment.

Here’s your chance to read some extracts from the specialist writing of Mark Maguire. Severe, highly painful punishments feature in all Mark’s stories. All described in exciting detail. All so realistic that you can almost feel the excruciating sting as you read. In this collection of free extracts, you’ll sample male to female spankings, man to man (gay) stories, and FemDom scenes with the women very much in charge. Decide which categories interest you the most, and then read the full stories with everything described in the fullest detail.

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