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Bare Your Bottom, Julia – this is going to hurt!

Bare Your Bottom, Julia cover artwork

Every Friday after supper, Tom read aloud a list of his wife’s misdemeanours for the week, and then dealt with each one through canings, hand or hairbrush spankings, corner time, line writing, mouth soaping, and on one memorable occasion, the administration of several enemas. This hot spanking story tells of the time when Julia really screwed up – big time! Read and find out what she did – and read in full detail the completely humiliating punishment he gave her – in front of several of their friends.

Julia pleaded with her husband not to do it to her. She was often spanked and caned by her younger, handsome husband and, although it was always painful and humiliating, it turned Tom on like nothing else and they invariably had sensational sex afterwards. Their most recent session had been just the previous day – the regular Friday evening. As Julia had received a particularly prolonged hairbrush spanking that night, during which Tom has smacked HARD both her bottom cheeks followed by the tops of her thighs with the smooth, hard, wooden back of her hairbrush, she was still very sore. Tom had even smacked the backs of her knees with his hand as well which, strangely, she had found particularly embarrassing and painful, probably because it seemed so regressive.

Now, the idea of another punishment, coming so soon after the previous day’s discipline, filled her with dread. The hairbrush was so small, and the hard wood was polished so smooth, that it concentrated all the pain in a very small area each time it landed. Tom always applied it to her BARE buttocks. Would it be the hairbrush this time? Or the hairbrush AND Tom’s favourite cane?

“I’ve decided what I’m going to do,” Tom announced. “I’m going to punish you, but it will not be in private. I’m going to invite four of our friends round to watch you get the cane (among other things of course!)"

This is one of many highly erotic adult discipline stories by Mark Maguire – for over 18s only. (A gay man-to-man version is available as Torment of Caning.)

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