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Chastity Control and Correction for Men: A Comprehensive Study

chastitycontrolandcorrection midiThis fascinating, detailed study of the techniques and effects of male chastity is a really comprehensive study of this very popular disciplined regime which can be used for pleasure or punishment, or both. Keeping the male deprived of satisfaction, often for long periods, can give the woman GREAT satisfaction! When orgasm for the man is delayed – or completely denied – the focus is shifted from HAVING an orgasm (often involving anxiety) to NOT having an orgasm (involving humility, patience, and loving attention to the dominant female).

This exciting new book looks at topics like choosing and fitting his device (metal or transparent plastic), asking permission to be released and then being made to wait longer, using edging techniques, causing the male embarrassment in front of others, having to sit down to urinate, learning not to question the Mistress’ decisions, and accepting hard corporal punishment when needed as part of the overall lifestyle of abstinence, denial and discipline. (See chapters list for much more.)

Jade Greenaway (Mistress Jade) and Mark Maguire have both written numerous books on adult discipline and punishment as part of consensual, loving relationships – all still currently available – and here they collaborate on this comprehensive look at this rapidly “trending” topic. Mistress Jade says “Life nowadays is very stressful. You can achieve peace of mind by giving away control over your genitals and ejaculations. Yes, the chastised male will certainly experience the most overwhelming frustration when prevented from having an orgasm for very long periods, but he can learn to please his woman rather than himself.”

Mark Maguire agrees. “The Mistress makes all decisions on behalf of the man, so the sub male is freed from all responsibility in that respect. However, there are severe consequences for any kind of disobedience as far as Jade and I are concerned. She uses a hard backed wooden hairbrush to spank me when necessary, and when I’ve deserved a bit more discipline, she has her favourite whippy, rattan cane which is always to hand. Wow does that cane of hers STING!”

Read right now about the intense bond of intimacy and respect that can grow out of an adult consensual chastity and discipline lifestyle in “Chastity, Control and Correction for Men” by Mark Maguire (with Mistress Jade).

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