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College Canings (Omnibus Edition)

College Canings cover artwork

Andy Osborne really enjoys his job as Housemaster at St Boniface’s Sixth Form College where he has the great pleasure of punishing the young men who so frequently misbehave.

In these five complete, highly erotic stories for over 18s only, he deals with five very regretful young men, who are going to discover the very painful consequences of bad behaviour. Lateness, rudeness, lewd graffiti, truancy, lies and stealing are all painfully dealt with by Mr Osborne’s expertly applied corporal punishments. They won’t be sitting down for the rest of the day after his prolonged spankings followed by the whippy cane. Wow does that cane sting! And Andy Osborne knows just where on a young man’s bottom to apply the strokes to make them sting the most.

The sixth formers are all over 18, and as grown men they greatly benefit from the hard corporal punishment Andy administers regularly to their bare bottoms. This embarrassing and humiliating aspect is often more of an ordeal for the young men to endure than the excruciating pain of one of Mr Osborne’s spankings or hard canings. They really dread the exposure of their most private parts – possibly more than the fiercely smarting buttocks they always have when they leave his study.

This special Omnibus Edition contains the complete:-

“Touch Your Toes, Struthers!”
“This Will Really HURT, Jameson!”
“Bend Over, Harris!”
“A Sore Bum for You, Edwards!”
“Hold Out Your Hand, Taylor!”

Enjoy them all together right now.

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