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Gay Chastity Virgin

gaychastityvirgin midiFrank, 42, is under the complete control of his younger gay partner Dominic – and he loves it. With Frank’s complete consent, Dom’s fitted him with a rigid, ringed metal chastity device which completely encases his penis, keeping it resolutely pointing downward. Frank can SEE it, but he can’t TOUCH it. There’s room for just a little expansion inside the cage, so problems occur whenever Frank starts to get aroused, which happens with increasing regularity the longer he’s kept locked in chastity.

Dominic’s excellent chastity routine goes on for many days at a time, and of course Frank’s periods of denial are very, very difficult for him.

In this highly erotic gay adult story for over 18s only, you’ll read about how an established gay couple first came to agree on this challenging regime for Frank who had previously been a compulsive masturbator. Not any more!

Now his only thought is to please his partner Dominic all the time, in the hope that he’ll unlock him for a bit of relief at the weekend. Read also what happens when Dominic tells some of their gay friends about Frank’s life locked up, and how Dominic’s own best friend Luke witnesses Frank receiving some well-deserved corporal punishment after he breaks Dom’s favourite vase.

This is a must-read for anyone interested in man to man discipline and chastity, and a long awaited addition to Mark Maguire’s extensive library of quality gay stories for over 18s.

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