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Man2Man Penalties (Office Discipline Really PAYS!)

Man 2 Man Penalties

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him. Maybe an inch or two taller than me, perfectly proportioned, Mr Atherton filled out his impeccably tailored business suit in all the right places. He was dark blond, I suppose. A full head of hair beautifully styled, “come here” blue eyes, gorgeous lips, a big chest, 36” waist, firm big thighs. He had sparkling blue eyes.  He stood at about six feet and, through his close-fitting shirt, I could see that he had a muscular chest and flat stomach.  He was not overly muscular, but he certainly looked as though he worked out and knew how to keep himself in good shape.  His legs, too, looked sturdy and strong and, as he turned, I couldn’t help noticing that his buttocks looked perfectly formed beneath his expensive trousers.  I could even make out the edges of his briefs, which no doubt were cupping his beautiful manly cheeks perfectly. He had a confident air about him, without being cocky, and spoke pleasantly and with charm.  I couldn’t help wondering what his sexual interests were and whether he currently had a partner. Did he go in for any kinky fetishes?

This is how our gay hero Matt describes his first encounter with the handsome young accountant who is going to be the love of his life. Read how their romance develops through a series of increasingly horny scenes, with some sexy surprises along the way and a very “happy ending”. Gay romance at its best. (Over 18s only.)

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