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Naughty Nicola's Tears

Naughty Nicolas Tears cover artwork

The kiss of the cane, applied HARD across her bare buttocks is what Nicola receives on a regular basis as she submits to the humiliating discipline regime of her new boss Stewart Evans.  Does she HATE it?  

No. She’s come to LOVE writhing and squirming under the exquisite pain that Stewart’s cane always produces, as she meekly presents her bare bottom for him to punish as he sees fit.  How can this be?  

Nicola is a badly behaved young lady. Happily, there’s a man around who knows just how to deal with her. His brand of discipline is just what she needs. She’s 28 and hasn’t even begun to grow up. Stewart, on the other hand, is both mature and methodical. He treats each one of her many misdemeanours as seriously as it deserves. His discipline involves a number of tried and tested methods, all of which come under the one heading … Corporal Punishment!  

Nicola always reacts extremely vocally to his prolonged and thorough spankings, and her response to his relentless application of his hard-backed wooden hairbrush to her meekly upturned bare bottom always involves desperate pleas for him to stop (which he never does until he’s good and ready).   

Each time she bends over for him, she also has to find out whether or not she can cope with six, twelve – or eighteen – hard strokes of Stewart’s favourite cane.  

You see, she’s consented to all this, and she admits it’s doing her a tremendous amount of good, although it hurts and embarrasses her more than she could ever have imagined.  

Stewart knows exactly what he’s doing. He never does her any lasting harm – but that isn’t to say that his expertly applied canings don’t sting like crazy!  

How could this happy state of affairs have come about? Read this hot, horny adult discipline story and find out.  This highly erotic story is one of many by Mark Maguire and contains graphic sexual scenes - for over 18s only.

(Adapted and expanded from Smarting Stripes for Susan, also currently available. A gay man-to-man version is available as The Cane Effect.)

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