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Oh How That Cane Hurts! (Attitude Adjustment for Misbehaving Men)

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In this extremely horny read, Mark Maguire begins by describing a hard bare bottom caning he received as an 18 year old sixth former. It was a painful and humiliating introduction to corporal punishment, which he now dishes out to other men on a regular basis. His canings hurt a lot and he describes the techniques he uses to make his subs plead, beg, and promise to obey.

Read about Nathan who attends weekly appointments with Mark’s thin, whippy punishment cane. Then meet James whose partner sends him to Mark every weekend to have his bare bum striped with at least 18 hard strokes applied right where he sits down! And then highly-stressed businessman Clive is put through his paces while his colleague Richard watches. Clive gets a thorough bare bottom spanking, corner time, lines to write, and a real punishment caning that soon gets him promising to behave. Oh how that cane hurts!

Mark’s discipline is highly effective and the descriptions of the canings and other punishments are so vivid you can almost feel that intolerable sting as you read about them.

Warning. Mark Maguire’s writing contains strong adult sexual material and is for over 18s only.

A Fem-Dom version of this exciting and erotic ebook is available as "Painful Fem-Dom Discipline for Humiliated Husbands" by Mistress Jade (with Mark Maguire).

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