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Panties Down Paula! (and Bend Right Over!)

Panties Down Paula cover artwork

“Fetch the hairbrush, Paula, and be quick about it!”

“No, Rob, please!”

“Bring me the hairbrush NOW! I don’t want to have to tell you again.”

Paula HATED the hairbrush. She accepted that her younger husband Rob only used it when it was fair to do so, but she still absolutely HATED the hairbrush.

It was the smooth, polished hardwood back that she hated so much, and with good reason. Rob knew just where to apply it HARD to the most sensitive spots on her bare, upturned buttocks, which she had to meekly present to him for punishment whenever she had done anything REALLY wrong.

Minor misdemeanours always resulted in an embarrassing and painful bare-bottom spanking with the flat, hard palm of Rob’s hand – but more serious offences always involved the hairbrush, or the cane.

Paula obeyed her handsome husband implicitly and, even though his discipline always hurt a LOT, she never complained because Rob only ever did it when she’d made some kind of a mistake so, again, it was always fair.

How had this happy state of affairs come about? When they were first going out, Rob had very tentatively brought up the subject of spanking and Paula had immediately said she wasn’t into that sort of thing – thinking that Rob wanted HIS butt smacked.

When she realised Rob was offering to do it to her, Paula’s heart had skipped a beat. Was this, she’d wondered, a man who would bring alive her most hidden fantasy – of being spanked on her bare bottom by the one she loved?

Read this exciting adult discipline story and find out. Contains graphic, detailed descriptions of painful corporal punishment, sexual scenes and humiliation – for over 18s only. (NB A, gay (man to man) version of this highly erotic adult story by Mark Maguire, is also currently available as “How Harry HATES the Hairbrush”.)

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