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Scorching Stories of the Punishment Cane

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In these seven scorching hot stories of adult discipline, it’s always men on the receiving end! Whether it’s a feisty woman dishing it out to a grovelling male, or a misbehaving male reluctantly submitting to another man, those masculine bare buttocks are going to suffer. Here are severe spankings and hard canings galore. Enjoy!

Contains the complete:-

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Man (Gay)
The Swish, the Crack, and the Burning Pain! (FemDom)
Torment of Caning (Gay)
Touch Your Toes, Brad! (FemDom)
Bend Over, Harris! (Gay)
Hold Out Your Hand, Neil! (FemDom)

- plus Mark Maguire’s Brand New story – Caning the Teacher... or … “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!”

Julian Taylor, a handsome young man of 34, is caught masturbating in the changing rooms by his Headmaster, Mr Prendergast. On discovering that Julian has been dishing out hard canings to misbehaving sixth formers on their BARE bottoms in complete defiance of the college rules, the boss decides to make the punishment fit the crime! Julian is given the choice of resigning then and there, or receiving a thorough, hard caning – on his own bare arse! This is just what Julian’s private fantasies have all been about. Trouble is … the boss decides Julian should receive his punishment in front of the young men he himself has given unauthorised canings. What will it be like to actually receive corporal punishment? Will he be able to cope with the incredible pain and the total humiliation of having to bare his bottom for an older man to cane in front of his own students? Read this and all the other hot discipline stories right now in this bumper bargain-priced collection.. 

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