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Spare the Rod and Spoil the Man! (GAY Discipline)

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They weren’t panties. They weren’t feminine in any way. They were men’s pants, very sexy in their own way, showing off both of Jamie’s firm but soft masculine buttocks, and pushing right out all that he had tucked in at the front … an 8” long, thick cock (uncut) and big, hairy, low-hanging balls. But they were pink. And Jamie didn’t like them. His partner Martin had bought them for him knowing this, and this fact played on his mind every time he put them on.

The fact was, Jamie only ever put them on when Martin told him to. And he only ever told him to wear them when he’d done something wrong. That way the pink pants were a symbol – both of what he had done and what he knew he had coming to him. The pants were always a prelude to a firm and thorough, highly painful punishment that Martin would mete out, sometimes when they were alone, but much more often in front of their highly enthusiastic male friends. Martin’s hard canings produced the most excruciating sting right from the first stroke, and his thorough and prolonged hand spankings were no soft option either.

Read this stimulating story of a dominant man and his masochistic young gay partner who engage in very disturbing but very enjoyable sexual practices – all described in full detail here for over 18s only. This is just one of many highly erotic stories for adults by Mark Maguire, all on the subject of discipline.

A femdom version of this hot story is available as “Pink Pants for Julian” by Mistress Jade (with Mark Maguire.)

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