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The Benefits of Adult Discipline

Benefits of Adult Discipline

Read what happens to Nick, 37, when his angry partner Amanda decides to punish him for running up a huge credit card bill that he just can’t hope to pay off.

When Amanda discovers Nick’s overspending, they visit a lifestyle shop together. Nick has to take a crook-handled cane up to the counter and pay for it out of his own money, with the pretty young assistant knowing it’s soon going to be in use across Nick’s bare buttocks. For Amanda, Nick’s humiliation is just as important as the pain, and she makes sure her older, handsome partner experiences a good dose of both!

Discover how Nick writhes and squirms under the relentless rhythm of painful cane strokes applied again and again by his younger partner, while their friend Jennifer watches and offers advice.

Try to imagine just how humiliating – and horny – it would be to submit in the ways Nick grows to dread, then to love, and eventually enjoy!

Then read an EXTRA bonus story, “Taking it HARD!”

Jonathan and Emily meet at a hotel conference, where Emily introduces Jonathan to the delights of the cane in her hotel executive suite.

All the characters in both stories are horny as hell, and all of them come to understand and appreciate the many benefits of consensual adult corporal punishment.

Warning. Contains strong adult sexual material and is for over 18s only.

(A gay, man to man version of these stories is also available in paperback and Kindle ebook as “The Benefits of Caning”)

Available in eBook and Paperback formats.
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