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Two Severe Spankings

Two Severe Spankings cover artworkHere are TWO terrific man-to-man (gay) discipline stories. In “The Tawse for Tom”, Tom always dreads the leather tawse. He gets it regularly whenever he misbehaves – and the strange thing is, he craves it too. Although it hurts so much, it turns him on like nothing else on earth. It thwhacks and stings like a burning fire, creating painful, swollen wheals across his hairy, masculine bare buttocks. He’s a grown man, but whenever he’s been badly behaved, he knows he needs to be punished, and he keeps going back for more – from Harry, his handsome gay lover.
Then, in the second exciting story “The Birch for Barry”, Jake is an independent young man who’s not afraid to speak his mind. He’s also not afraid to give a misbehaving young man a good, hard, thorough birching when he deserves it, and that’s just what his partner Barry often gets. Trouble is – he enjoys it too much!

Warning. Mark Maguire’s writing contains strong adult sexual material and is for over 18s only.

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