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about mark maguire

All Mark's stories are fiction and are for over 18s only. The scenes of adult corporal punishment are so graphic that you sense he must be writing from personal experience, which he is!
Mark lives in deepest Dorset, UK and Mistress (Melissa) Jade lives nearby. 

Mark tells us "I really enjoy writing about adult discipline, whether Fem-Dom, man-to-man, man to woman or gay. I hope you find my books are as pleasurable to read as they are to create". 

Mark knows his subject through and through, and this enables him to really "get inside the minds" of the participants in the stories. As you read, you can choose characters to identify with, understanding exactly how they are feeling. 

Mark Maguire is able to make the descriptions of the spankings and canings so vivid because he writes after many years of actual participation in adult erotic discipline. Enjoy it with him as you read and imagine it's you yourself taking part! 

Collect all Mark's books and enjoy them again and again. Write to Mark with your comments on stories you've read and/or give him your suggestions for future titles.