high quality erotic publishing for adults

Mission Statement

In recent years society has made giant steps forward in “acceptance” of different sexualities. There still seems, however, a long way to go regarding fetishes. 

Adult discipline is an enormously popular topic, with huge numbers of people enjoying reading about it and practising it consensually. 

Books and films frequently describe and depict in great detail terrible violent attacks, GBH, murder, rape, torture and more. We would be unable even to read books featuring such scenes, let alone publish such material. 

The discipline and erotic scenes described in our books takes place between adults who are clearly stated to have consented. Heavy beating is never mentioned or described. The thorough spankings and often hard canings are accurate, measured, precise – and, most importantly, are shown to be of tremendous benefit to the receiver! 

All our titles are available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and the other Amazon sites worldwide. Search “Mark Maguire” in Kindle Store or Books. 

For any still with misgivings, please direct your concerns to some of the major problems in the world today. There is no need to worry about books for over 18s which describe fictional adult discipline scenes which the participants thoroughly enjoy! 

For those already “in the know”, please ... indulge your favourite fantasies with Mark Maguire Books.